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Who are we?

We are beautiful beings on

our unique  journey to ourselves.

 We are unconditional, infinite love & wholeness in our shining heart. 


Who is Jess?

I am a loving reminder of love & positivity. A messenger of love that supports you in remembering your true self. A sun that always has a peaceful wisdom up her sleeve. Through the positive, as well as negative experiences & the people around me, I have arrived right here and give a space for healing.  


What I teach, I live & what I live, I teach. I am an eternal student of life. I meet every living being with authenticity, ease & peace. For me there is always a reason to see the infinite love in the present moment.​


My Way

In the beautiful year 1998 I saw the light of day. As a little girl I spread love, joy & positivity everywhere. I sang, danced & wanted to share my knowledge with everyone. Now I am here & living my innate gifts.


At school, other children sometimes found it difficult to understand me. Today I know I speak another language, the language of love, and I have learned to speak it with you. I fulfilled my dream of working in a lab after completing a dual education program, working in a medical lab for 2 years, but it didn't feel like my destiny.


I decided to quit my job, travel alone to Bali to work with sea turtles. There I found myself in this touching work with these ancient & yet so vulnerable creatures themselves. Far from family, friends & company, I asked myself what my purpose in life is. To give & receive love, that's why I'm here for. To help people be happy so they treat themselves, their environment & the environment with love, respect & peace. That is my contribution to the environmental crisis. I want to get to the root cause to alleviate the symptoms.


Initially I worked in the gastronomy for 4 years, which felt a little bit more like fulfillment. Every guest who came with a closed heart left with an open, warm heart. I felt that I had not yet arrived & continued to search.


*Trigger Warning* In the beautiful city of Tulum in Mexico, I was raped & this process moved & changed a lot in me. "Shit is fertilizer" and that applies to every situation in life. The day after the experience in Mexico I decided to attend a "Womb Dance". This was my first KundanliniDance & I have never experienced anything like this. I was able to let go of everything that was happening, feel, scream, stomp & feel myself as I rarely have in my life. This was my healing. I immediately approached the teacher if we could meet because I want to learn this kind of healing & share it with the beautiful world. After this experience I had the strength & also the possibility to tell my truth to the face of this person who raped me. That was the moment when my voice opened up again.


The KundaliniDance teacher training was transformative. Every time I share this teaching is a wonderful experience & it's so beautiful to see how humans can let go & love trough KundaliniDance. I go every time into healing, together with my clients.


The "Künste der Liebe" summarize my life project & are the manifestation of my vision. I am creating a school where we learn to love & see love within and beyond. Learning means to remember. Gratitude, KundaliniDance & meditation are some lessons of the school. The project is growing every moment, just like me. I am forever learning, will always be a student of the Cosmos & messenger of Love. As a sun, I illuminate other beings with the infinite, unconditional love.

with love, peace & lightness Jess


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